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About Shoule

Founded in August 1994, SHoule started its operations in a farm building renovated to accommodate our needs. We started building land levellers, and at the time, we spent our time mainly on repairs and maintenance of agricultural machinery. Borned and raised on a farm, President and owner Sylvain Houle understands what customers really need. He quickly developed and perfected farm equipment such as land levellers, rock rakes, rock buckets and snow blades.
In 2000, our company’s efforts and investment in research and development earned us an award known locally as the “Élan”, for young entrepreneurs in Central Quebec, and in 2001, we were awarded gold in the Small Business category of the National Bank’s prestigious awards program for the Drummondville/Bois-Francs region. We also earned industrial merit awards in 2002 and 2005, as well as a Chamber of Commerce Napoleon Award in 2003.
During the same period, Shoule gradually expanded our 5,000 sq.ft (465 m2) production facility, eventually reaching 15,000 sq.ft.(1,400 m2) – a clear indicator of our company’s increasing success and the growing demand for our technology. With growing momentum and with the support of its network of representatives across Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Germany & Europe, SHoule’s future is very bright indeed.

Our products: built to last!

Sylvain Houle knows his heavy machinery. Raised around backhoes and high-powered loaders, he canattest that most snow removal equipment can’t hold up to the power of these behemoths — which is what led him to design plows built to withstand the sheer strength of modern tractors, plows that are not only efficient but among the strongest on the market.
Nothing is left to chance. Based on a finite element analysis, all stress points on the equipment are subjected to rigorous 3D stress tests, enabling us to optimize parts that are subject to heavy loads.
“We go tough on them to make life easier for you.”
Prototypes are then built and tested over one or more full seasons before being marketed.
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