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SHoule Gold Level Dealer


This NEW program is designed for dealers interested in a strong partnership with us. Building products is our specialty, selling them is another game. This is why we believe dealers are the best to recommend the right products and better support the customers. With a strong partnership we can develop solid business.

Advantages Gold Level Dealers SHouleINCREASE SALES VOLUMES

Receive customer quotes directly from us
Every price information request is sent directly to you, this way you can handle promptly and avoid delays to the customer. We receive several quote requests every day.

Benefit from our web site to gain visibility
As a Gold dealer we list your name on our web site as well as a link you to our dealer locator so you have priority access to our customers. We also allow space for privileged information you would like to share (example your own web site address).

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Promotional material
We will work closely with you to gain access to promotional material such as brochures, banners or any other material you need.

Coop advertising
Obtain up to 50% back on advertising spending.

Dedicated training
Our representatives are available at all times to support you with product training, demos or any specific training need you require on our products.

Reduced production lead times
As a Gold dealer you have priority on our production slots. We will do whatever is possible to support your urgent needs or build and ship when you need it.

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Advantages S.Houle Gold Level DealerBenefit from higher margins

As a participant in our booking programs, you will benefit from higher discount levels and volume bonuses. Aslo you can count on our continuous support to help you sell the products.

Our Gold level program is our commitment to serious dealers who wish to promote our business plus it allows several advantages to customers such as:

  • Unmatched professional support
  • Peace of mind when using the products
  • Qualified personnel for better customer support
  • Dealer inventory for immediate access
  • Spare parts and service
  • Fast product delivery

To become a SHoule Gold dealer means the best for you and your customers.

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