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arctic blaster s hydraulic industrial

from 60 to 100 HP

Our S Arctic Blaster snowplow with hydraulic doors mounts on industrial loaders from 60 to 100 HP.
Non-extendable, 40 inches high, it can scrape a total open width of 14 to 17 feet

advantage #1

- Lateral door skid shoes with trip system, adjustable on springs, made of 3/4" thick AR400 steel, with bolt-on stoppers
- Sturdy 2 1/2" u-cup hydraulic door cylinders

advantage #2

- S series heavy duty cylinder protection guards with easy handling, which can be opened with doors swiveled backwards
- High strength sleeve to reinforce all cylinders

advantage #3

- Installs with bolt-on attachment on slotted universal plate for hydraulic S blades


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