Snow plow

Arctic blaster

The deluxe plow

The most robust, heaviest Arctic Blaster snow plow adapts to the most difficult terrain conditions. Available in reversible or push modes and extendable or hydraulic door models, the Arctic Blaster is the optimal deluxe plow. It offers trip-action cutting edges, spring loaded skid shoes any many more options that make it the unmatched snow blade on the market.

Winter blaster

Economical and robust

The most common plow on the market, the Winter Blaster is the perfect front-mounted plow in push mode. A 45° angling system is optional for better maneuvering or handling of snow. Its streamlined design with trip-action blade and load capacity have made it our most economical plow.

Sidewalk blade

Compact and economical

The sidewalk blade is designed for compact tractors, municipal vehicles and skid steer loaders. At 60 in. (1.5 m) wide, it can be adjusted at an angle to push snow sideways.