Versatile Tree shear for efficient cutting

Tree shear

The perfect cut

SHoule tree shears are designed to adapt to most tractors, loaders, skid steer and telehandlers. They operate on standard or high flow hydraulic systems using one set of remote couplers only; a solenoid valve assembly controls the various applications. With their ability to swivel up to 110 degrees (except for the TS-17), our tree shears are ideal for adjusting to all cutting angles or simply to crimp a cut limb and move it away. Their blades are made of the highest quality steel for longer service life and reduced maintenance.


tree shear cutter ts08 for farm tractor tree cutter ts10 from Shoule tree shear model ts 16 tree shear model ts17 from Shoule Manufacturing Fabrication S. Houle

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  • their blades made of high capacity steel (RT-400)
  • their ability to rotate up to 110 degrees (except TS-17)
  • their design which make them easy to adapt to most tractors, loaders and telehandlers
  • the fact they require only one hydraulic circuit

extreme use

Field experience combined with top engineering allows us to conceive durable products that meet or exceed customer expectations.
“We go tough on them to make it easier for you”


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