Industrial Snow plow for Loaders and Backhoes

Arctic Blaster Series

Strong and finely tuned Series for all conditions

The ideal industrial snow blade that combines deluxe features, easy handling and robustness.

The independant trip-action cutting edges will insure full protection of the blade against protruding ground obstacles while accomplishing a nice clean finish. Its spring loaded and floating skid shoes provide better contact with
the ground.

Available in reversible or push models, Arctic Blaster snow plows are suitable for loaders and backhoes from 50 to over 250 HP.


fixed width snow plow extendable width snow plow reversible snow plow snow plow with hydraulic side doors

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  • its independent trip-action cutting edges that ensure impeccable finishing work
  • its trip-action system with torsion springs that is more compact than a compression system
  • its floating skid shoes that provide better contact with the ground
  • its capability to extend, for 70% increased productivity

extreme use

Field experience combined with top engineering allows us to conceive durable products that meet or exceed customer expectations.
“We go tough on them to make it easier for you”


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Models, specifications and attachments available

Models and Specifications

available options

attache de gratte à neige v-45

V-45 angling system

attache de gratte à neige v-45

Allows blade to move snow sideways. Allows vehicle to avoid obstacles.

gratte à neige avec système d'attache fixe

Straight hookup

gratte à neige avec système d'attache fixe

For front end loaders, quick attach brackets are bolted to the frame.

lame a neige rehaussée

Top Extensions

lame a neige rehaussée

Increase the capacity of your blade by adding top extensions.

système d'attache pour chargeur compact

Quick Attach brackets

système d'attache pour chargeur compact

We have quick attach brackets for all types of front end loaders and skid steers.