Rock and Material bucket

For rocks, debris and raw materials

Unmatched robust fork design

SHoule rock and material buckets are simply THE BEST on the market. With unmatched tip design and high quality steel structure, we ensure you have the most robust tool to accomplish your work.

The tips are shaped according to the load distribution, and only a casted design could allow it. High carbon steel with chromolybdene provides a level of resistance no commercial steel rock bucket can reach. In addition, their specially designed profile offers a stopper that allows for more volume capacity by keeping rocks from tumbling back. We have such confidence in our product that we offer a limited lifetime warranty on tips.


Fabrication S. Houle Fabrication S. Houle Fabrication S. Houle Fabrication S. Houle

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  • their tips made from forged steel, designed so they will not bend even under the most strenuous loads;
  • their ability to support maximum weight up to 3 times what standard models can offer;
  • their extremely robust structure.

extreme use

Field experience combined with top engineering allows us to conceive durable products that meet or exceed customer expectations.
“We go tough on them to make it easier for you”

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