Grapple to extend bucket flexibility

SHoule Grapple

Adapt to material buckets for added flexibility

Our grapples are the result of continuous improvements of our products. They are adaptable to all our material buckets (models BBW, B, HB & SHB) from 6’ to 9’ (1.8-2.8 m). Made of double steel frame and chromolybdene teeth, they are tough and durable.


Fabrication S. Houle grapple sgp for Shoule material bucket

See table for details


  • their ultra-resistant chromolybdene steel teeth;
  • their double steel frame for added durability;
  • the flexibility they add to material buckets.

extreme use

Field experience combined with top engineering allows us to conceive durable products that meet or exceed customer expectations.
“We go tough on them to make it easier for you”

Models, specifications and attachments available

Models and Specifications

available options

Fabrication S. Houle

Extra tooth

Fabrication S. Houle

If needed, extra teeth can be added to the grapple.

grapple for material bucket

Double action kit

grapple for material bucket

For grabbing uneaven objects, the kit contains bracketery & hydraulic fittings to operate cylinders separatly

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